4 Questions to Ask a Smart Home Consultant Before Buying

As a smart home consultant, we know there are lots of obvious benefits to smart home features. For one, smart home devices are extremely convenient. After all, homeowners with a smart home can make a myriad of adjustments, from the temperature in their basement to the lighting in their kitchen, just by flicking their finger. And they can make those adjustments remotely as well. 

Still, as with any major purchase, it’s important to understand the product or service in question. With that in mind, we’ve compiled four questions you should ask a smart home consultant before you commit to an investment. Trust us, you’ll want to keep this post handy!

Are Your Products Compatible? 

A huge part of the appeal of a smart home is the ability to control many different features in one, convenient source. Think about it: what good is a smart home app that only includes half of your devices? This is why product compatibility is so important. Homeowners who try to put a “patchwork” smart home system together may struggle to find products that are compatible with each other or the same software. Make sure to ask any smart home consultant if you’ll be able to integrate all of your smart home features together with their support. 

What Products Do You Offer? 

Perhaps you only want to install smart locks in your home for now. Maybe security is your number one priority. Later, though, you may desire to upgrade to a smart thermostat to help you cut down on your utilities. Homeowners should inquire about all of the different smart home features that a consultant can offer ––  even if they don’t think they’ll use them just yet. As mentioned above, trying to get incompatible smart home technology to function cohesively can be a real challenge. What’s more, smart home consultants should be able to provide homeowners with a laundry list of exciting features their organization can offer. 

Are You Local?

Huge home security and smart home companies simply can’t provide the same level of service and value that local businesses can. Not only will professionals who live in your area understand the challenges and opportunities facing residents of your town or city, but they can also respond to calls and concerns with greater speed and efficacy. In addition, home security companies need to understand local ordinances to prevent their safety products from setting off false alarms, which could end up costing homeowners hundreds in fees.

What Safeguards Do You Offer?

Be wary of any smart home business that refuses to stand behind their products or services. Smart home devices are great investments, and you have every right to expect serious support in return. The best home security and smart home providers will offer: 

  • Lifetime product warranties.
  • False-alarm guarantees. 
  • Free move certificates.
  • Break-in coverage. 

Unless your smart home provider is willing to stand by you in tough times, start looking for other options. 

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