Save Energy Without Thinking About It


Our smart thermostat lets you save energy simply, with no guesswork, complexity or inconvenience necessary. In fact, you’ll barely notice… except when it comes to your power bill.

It cares about which room you’re in

Using wireless temperature sensors, our Smart Thermostat delivers precision comfort to the rooms where you spend your time. Simply place these tiny devices around your home, and optimize your home’s temperature for comfort in specific rooms. Create a multi-sensor schedule for precision comfort throughout the day, or average your overall temperature between different sensors.

It even knows what’s happening outside

With access to real-time weather data, our Smart Thermostat can even adjust automatically on extremely hot or cold days to take an additional bite out of your energy bills. It’s also compatible with ‘demand response’ programs from utility companies, making you eligible for reduced rates if your electric company offers them.

Completely integrated with your smart home

Our Smart Thermostat is integrated fully into the App, letting you control your temperature alongside your security panel, lights, locks, garage door and more from anywhere. Behind the scenes, our platform enables intelligent savings, new feature updates and security-grade reliability.

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